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Ip-PBX - is a class of office communications systems which enable the use of VoIP as a basic channel to vote. Market office ip-PBX has recently been actively developing and growing, marketers are projected in the near future segment ip-stations in Russia will grow as more companies are starting to get real benefits from the use of such equipment. First of all, it refers to small and medium-sized businesses. Already invited many options ip-PBX: software / hardware or pure software, geographically distributed. All the leading manufacturers of office ip-PBX strive to offer our customers increased functionality and enhanced service. In the world of technology to extend communication and PC-based notebooks - they already have each employee in the workplace. Therefore, interest in the ip-solutions will only increase, because the ip-PBX can not only save, but also to get the extended functionality.  telephone systems & pbx equipment Ability to work in the ip-company networks, LG-Nortel has implemented a series of office PBX ipLDK-20/60/100/300/300E, created by combining technologies of telephone and computer networks. The Russian telecommunications market ipLDK system was introduced in April 2005, it was one of the first office PBX, supports VoIP. We can now say with confidence that the station ipLDK are among the best in its class, with an optimal price / quality ratio possible.    Systems ipLDK-20, ipLDK-60, ipLDK-100, ipLDK-300 and 300E are based on a single technology, and the difference between the maximum possible capacity. These stations are an excellent business decision, communications companies of different levels - from small businesses to large companies. IpLDK system has its advantages especially if it operates in a network of several offices, the combined ip-channels. As an example, a network of travel agencies: the central ip-PBX in the main office in Moscow and the small takeaways or ip-phones in branch offices in different cities of Russia and abroad.    Ability to build adaptive capacity (up to 600 ports in ipLDK-300E), management and tariffication in computer networks, and reasonable price make the ATS series ipLDK effective solution for communications across a large enterprise. The maximum possible number of ip-channel - 216, this allows the distribution network of a large company or a holding company.    In the production ipLDK LG-Nortel can be successfully used as a subscriber’s wireline, mobile phones, ip, or softphone (PC with appropriate software). As the functionality ipLDK does not concede, and even surpasses some of the larger corporate system ip-telephony and unified communications, experts believe the company “ARTC”, a leading distributor of LG-Nortel equipment in Russia.    The main advantage of installing IP-PBX is to reduce the costs of negotiations between the employees’ offices, especially when the location of offices in different cities and countries. Typically, companies who want to create transofice telephone network that already have channels of communication between the local computer network of their offices, and use them for telephone service will no doubt big savings. Properly designed and programmed the network allows the PBX to broadcast a phone number, recruited one of the offices to another office of the company through the ip-channel instead of using the distance communication. The use of inter-connection protocol IP Networking allows for ATS ipLDK in the overall network with a single dial-field and common resources, creating a flexible distribution system calls for all branches, and saving the company money.

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